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Information About Dangerfield

Fashion doesn’t have to be boring and serious. The Australian company shares this sentiment which is why Dangerfield clothing can be described as quirky, funky, original, rebellious and edgy. There is nothing ordinary and mundane about the store’s product range. Plenty of intriguing patterns and happy colours can be found in both men’s and women’s section of the Dangerfield online store. Dangerfield clothing is made for those who have their own tastes, like to stand out fashion-wise and like breaking the rules. Whether it’s clothing, accessories or shoes, they are surely going to reinvigorate your wardrobe and put a smile on your face whenever you wear them. There are also other things that are definitely going to brighten your day and make your shopping better. We’re talking about the Dangerfield discount codes, of course! Whether there is a Dangerfield sale or not, you can use the Dangerfield coupons and enjoy fun clothing for even more fun prices.

Dangerfield Address

61 Church Street
3067 Abbotsford, Victoria

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Brand Features

  • Frequent Discounts and Promotions
  • Discount for Signing up to the Newsletter
  • Discount for New Customers
  • Student Discount
  • Order Tracking

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Zip Pay
  • Afterpay
  • PayPal

Delivery Options

  • Free Shipping
  • Express Shipping
  • Courier Shipping
  • Click & Collect

Tips and Hints

1. Shipping Options Dangerfield offers a number of shipping options. Some items can be collected at a store of the customer’s choosing, all products can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Regular post takes longer than the express option but it is free with orders over $150. Express delivery has a price tag attached to it regardless of the amount your spend on your order.

2. Student Discount As a company offering products with edgy and funky designs, young people are the main target group of Dangerfield. To get them more interested, the store offers a student discount. Get 10% off simply by signing up with your UNiDAYS account. It’s a great way of saving money, and students usually don’t have Scrooge McDuck levels of money just laying around, so if you know a student who might benefit from it, let them know!

3. Dangerfield Coupon Codes Buying clothes for less than the full price is not always possible, but every now and then retailers organise sales that cut off large chunks of the full price, making it more enticing to buy to potential customers. Another way of saving money is the use of discount codes. The codes are only available online and if you’re looking for the best place to get them, you’ve found it! It costs you nothing, takes very little time and just a few clicks, but the benefits are quite noticeable.

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Dangerfield Returns

Should you decide that the item you received is not up to your standard or you’ve just changed your mind about owning it, you can simply return it to Dangerfield and get either a refund, store credit or an exchange. Products that were purchased online cannot be returned in stores and products bought in stores cannot be returned by post. Customers have 14 days from the date of receipt to send the item back to Dangerfield. Sale items and online exclusives are not eligible for a refund, they can only be returned for store credit. Items such as swimwear or earrings can only be returned if they are faulty. All the returned products must be new and have all the tags and labels still attached. In order to complete the process, the customer must print and complete the returns form and include it in the parcel. Additionally, a return label must be printed as well. All the information regarding the process are available on the Dangerfield website.

Dangerfield Faulty Product Returns

Even though Dangerfield does everything it can to ensure the highest possible quality of the products it sells, no one is perfect and a mistake is bound to happen, even to the best of us. The first thing you should do if you believe that your product is faulty or damaged is to contact Dangerfield customer service via phone or email. Once your issue is analysed, you will be given instructions regarding the next steps of the process. The return process might be a bit different in the case of a faulty item than it is in other circumstances, which is why contacting customer service is the best course of action.

How to use Dangerfield promo code?

  • Pick and copy the promo code

  • Paste the promo code at checkout in the store's website

  • Enjoy your discount

Here Are Some of the Amazing Products to Redeem Your Dangerfield Coupon Code

Dangerfield Dresses

Princess Highway Maude Dress

Looking for a versatile summer dress that you can wear on multiple occasions and look brilliant? This Princess Highway dress is one of our favourites and we think it might be your favourite, too. The design just screams class and sophistication thanks to the v-neck and the thick waist tie. Of course, the deep black colour and the smooth texture do their part as well. The blend of linen and viscose gives you plenty of softness and comfort when you decide to wear it and grace your presence with it. If you want to dress to impress, there is no better choice than this dress, at least in our humble opinion. It’s also available in red if you really want to make an impression and be the red-hot centre of attention. The best thing is, you don’t have to pay the full price right away. Instead, you can pay it in smaller payments. And with the right Dangerfield coupon, you won’t have to pay the full price at all since it’s going to be discounted.

Dangerfield Shoes

Princess Highway Amanda Boot

We can’t tell you how much we adore these Princess Highway boots! The shape is just glorious and looks good with pretty much everything. It’s elegant, so wearing it to work is exactly what it’s for and both the upper and the lining are smooth and soft, giving you the ultimate comfort. The 3-inch heel is wide which gives you more stability with every step you make. It’s available in two colours: dark teal pictured here and black. While the black one is not a bad choice, either, the teal one has more depth to it and it stands out thanks to the colour combination of the upper and the heel. We’re not the only ones who love it so much, so you might have trouble finding your size unless you act quickly.

Users’ Reviews



I work in an office where the air conditioning keeps blasting like crazy because my colleagues like it when it’s colder than the North Pole. That means I had to get something that will keep me warm and look professional. This one does the job well. It’s super soft and comfy and it matches my work outfits so I didn’t have to spend any more money on work clothes. The size is okay, but I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit longer. The colour is great! Red has always been one of my favourite colours and this one is no exception. I didn’t use any Dangerfield vouchers but it was on sale when I bought it so I saved a little anyway, although I’ll probably use a voucher next time.



Ever since I was introduced to punk rock at the age of 13, I didn’t really want to listen to anything else. I’ve to been to countless concerts and festivals and the memories I have from these events are unforgettable. I’ve spend hundreds of dollars on all kinds of boots over the years but none of them can compare to Dr Martens. I got these partly because Sex Pistols is one of my favourite bands and I really like the way they look. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted white shoes but these are kind of special. Obviously, whenever I come home from a concert, they aren’t so white, but they are easy to clean. It took me a long time to fully get used to wearing them, but it was definitely worth the discomfort. I managed to get them on sale and that’s something you don’t see often. I’ve never had such tough boots and I don’t think I’ll ever need another pair. The price I paid, both in terms of money and pain to get used to them was well worth it.


More Information About Dangerfield

There are over 50 Dangerfield stores scattered across Australia and New Zealand. In fact, the Dangerfield Sydney and Melbourne stores account for the majority of location with over 30 stores. There are also 3 Dangerfield Perth stores 6 Brisbane locations. Those who want to try on clothes before buying them can do so in all of the Dangerfield stores. Remember that there is no option of a store return for items purchased online.

Out of Season Items in Unbeatable Prices – Dangerfield Outlet

Fashion styles change quickly. In fact, sometimes they change too quickly, not just for the customers who aren’t ready to part ways with their favourite clothing yet, but also for retailers who haven’t sold all of their previous stock and now must make way for new arrivals. What to do with all the items that weren’t sold? That’s what the outlet store is for! Dangerfield Outlet offers sales up to 70% off. It’s a great opportunity for the shrewd shoppers who don’t need to be seen wearing the latest fashion trends.

Dangerfield Black Friday

Seasoned shoppers know that Black Friday is one of the best days to shop for clothes. Back in the day, people would wait in queues and waste a lot of time in stores before they could find and buy the products they wanted. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology, this approach is a thing of the past! One of the most amazing features of online shopping is the fact that stores release discount codes that reduce the prices even further. There should be some interesting Dangerfield discount codes available to use during Black Friday, so keep your eyes peeled. We are going to have all of them listed in convenient place, so you won’t need to waste time looking for them anywhere else! Don’t miss the Black Friday Dangerfield sales craze!

Dangerfield Cyber Monday

The special period of sales doesn’t end with Black Friday. Online stores have their own day of sales called Cyber Monday. So if you’re still hungry for more offers after the Black Friday Dangerfield deals, you can rest assured that the store is going to have some aces in its sleeve on Cyber Monday. All the Dangerfield coupons are going to be available right here so mark your calendars and get ready for some awesome deals.

Dangerfield Boxing Day Sales

One of the best Dangerfield sales of the year happens during Boxing Day. When all the Christmas shopping is done, retailers drop prices right before the end of the year. This gives customers a chance to buy awesome New Year’s party clothes and accessories on top of all the other discounted items. We can’t wait for all the Dangerfield promo codes to be released around Christmas time and once you see how much you can save, you will be astonished, too! Instead of going to stores and spend hours looking for the best deal, why not shop online using the Dangerfield codes wherever you are? It’s faster and you can save more. What’s not to like?

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