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Information about Swarovski

If you love jewellery, you probably know Swarovski. After all, it is one of the most popular jewellers in the world. It has been providing customers with amazing jewellery for over a century now. One might even say that the company introduced crystals to the general public by making them affordable. The brand designs and produces all kinds of jewellery, but there is also a gift section which includes products like Swarovski pens that don’t contain any crystals, but still feature the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s also a place where you can purchase watches and other accessories and decorations that will make any room that much more unique. Whether it’s bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings that you’re looking for, you can be certain that the crystals used to make them are lead-free and ethically sourced. The brand does make exquisite products, but they aren’t out of reach in terms of the price. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the selection of Swarovski discount codes and see for yourself!

Swarovski Address

1st Floor, Building 4, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road,
566 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5YE

Contact Swarovski
helpline: 203 6408400

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Brand Features

  • Loyalty Program
  • Frequent Discounts and Promotions
  • Discount for Signing up to the Newsletter
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Gift Cards

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer

Delivery Options

  • Free Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery
  • 28 Days for Return
  • Standard Delivery

Tips and Hints

Customers who shop in Swarovski often can sign up to the loyalty program and reap additional benefits. There are three levels of membership: bronze, silver, and gold. Each level unlocks more benefits and retains the previous ones. The perks include: early

There are two shipping types to choose from: the standard and the express one. The great thing about the former is that Swarovski offers free delivery on all orders over £60. Unfortunately, the brand does not offer free express delivery on any order amount. You can also choose the date you want your order to arrive. This option is called scheduled delivery.

We love discount codes more than anything and we know about them almost as much as Swarovski know about jewellery. However, one should give credit where credit is due in terms of other promotions. Swarovski sale offers are a great way to save some money without the need to use any of the Swarovski voucher codes. Some sales are better than others, so be on the lookout for the best deals out there and you can save way more than you think and enjoy the world’s most famous jewellery.

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Swarovski Returns

You can return Swarovski jewellery or any other Swarovski product for any reason and get a full refund if certain conditions are met. First of all, you must send back the product within 28 days from the reception date. Secondly, personalised items and gift card are not returnable. Items must be in original condition and contained in the original packaging in order to be refunded. All orders come with a pre-paid shipping label, making returns free of charge. The returns label must be attached to the parcel. It is advisable to keep the receipt in the event of the package getting lost. If such an event occurs and you don’t have a receipt, you won’t be eligible for a return. Unfortunately, there is no exchange option in Swarovski.

Swarovski Faulty Product Returns

Jewellery is a group of products that simply must be immaculate and any imperfections ruin not only the value of the product but also the enjoyment it brings to people who own it. That is why it is imperative that the jewellery is in perfect condition. In the unlikely event of receiving an item that is faulty or damaged, the first thing you should do is contact Swarovski customer service. You can reach them via email, phone or social media. Describe the problem you have experienced and, if possible, provide photographs to demonstrate it clearly. Once your inquiry is processed, you will be given instructions regarding the next step of the return process.

How to use Swarovski discount code?

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Check Out These Amazing Categories and Redeem Your Swarovski Voucher Code

Swarovski Earrings - Vintage Drop Pierced Earrings, Teal, Rhodium Plated

These earrings are part of the Vintage collection, one of the most popular product lines of the brand. The items in this line are characterised by stunning designs that have withstood the test of time. The methods used to make these wonderful pieces of jewellery are cutting-edge, but look is a throwback to the most iconic Swarovski designs. These earrings can be worn to any formal function and they certainly won’t feel out of place. The teal crystals are adorned by small rhodium-plated accents. Find the right Swarovski promo code to get these vintage earrings in an unbelievable price.

Swarovski Bracelets - Swarovski Infinity Cuff, White, Mixed Metal Finish

This is far from your typical bracelet. Swarovski knows how to push the boundaries while remaining elegant in their pursuits. The two bracelets form one coherent entity, each one with its own distinct look. There is the rose-gold bracelet is intertwined with another one that is filled with Swarovski crystals. The bracelet gives off the air of fluidity and symbiosis. Two different approaches combined in one special package. It’s one of the signature pieces of the Infinity collection. With the right Swarovski code, you can reduce the already low price of this bracelet.

Swarovski Reviews



I got my first Swarovski necklace as a gift from my husband and ever since then, I’ve wanted to get another one and start a small collection. I finally managed to get one for my birthday. It’s not the biggest necklace in the world by any means, but the crystal is so beautiful. It has this deep blue colour and it’s nice and shiny. The chain is light and easy to unhook. That’s not always the case with small chains. Having a big necklace seems nice, but when you’re out and about or at work, it’s better and safer to have a smaller one. I honestly thought it was going to be more expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, my husband gets the hint and buys me another one on our anniversary, but a bit bigger.


Atlantis Limited Edition Automatic Men's Watch

A good watch will never go out of style. Most of my friends don’t wear watches any more, but I think that it’s one of the few things that shows that man has class. Anyone can wear a suit, but a good watch is irreplaceable. Until a few months ago, I had no idea Swarovski watches even existed, but when I saw this one on a podcast, it made an impression on me unlike any other watch I’d seen before. I don’t like fancy watches. It should be simple and easy to tell the time. I was lucky enough to get one because it’s a limited series. This one might stay in my collection for a long time. I tend to wear it on special occasions only because of how rare it is.


More Information About Swarovski

Company History

The history of the company starts in the 1890’s, when Daniel Swarovski, a glass-cutter by trade, created a machine that allowed to cut crystal glass in a more effective manner than before, thus bringing down the cost of production. The Swarovski crystal cutting machine has revolutionised the industry and allowed more people to experience a new level of luxury. It has become more affordable because of Daniel’s patented invention. In 1895, a company that later became known as Swarovski was established. The products made by Swarovski have been worn by some of the most well-known celebrities in the world. Some pieces have become so iconic that they now have a place in movie history, for example the tiara worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
The company is owned by the Swarovski family. Currently, it’s the fifth generation of Daniel’s family that has the control over the brand. Interestingly, the family also owns Swarovski Optik. It’s a company that produces optical instruments such as binoculars and scopes. The Swarovski binoculars may not seem to have a lot in common with jewellery, but they are a direct result of the founder’s invention of the crystal cutter.
In 2012, the company developed a new method of manufacturing crystals. Since then, all Swarovski crystals have been lead-free. That’s a strong indication that company refuses to rest on its laurels and works tirelessly to improve all aspects of its business.

Swarovski Black Friday

Black Friday is the perfect time to get all kinds of products with a serious discount. Most people use this opportunity to buy clothes, electronic devices or even furniture, but the thing is, jewellery is also on sale on Black Friday. Last year, the Swarovski Black Friday deals were quite impressive, leading us to believe that this year, it’s going to be at least as good as the year prior. As such, you should be prepared to use Swarovski discount codes on various items. The range of discounted products should be quite extensive and might include Swarovski rings, watches and other categories. It’s one of the most hotly anticipated shopping days in the calendar year. Check out all the Swarovski promo codes and find out why!

Swarovski Cyber Monday

Even though Black Friday only lasts for 24 hours, there is another very special day of sales just around the corner. Online shoppers know all about it and take advantage of the deals that day. It’s called Cyber Monday and it can be considered a sequel to Black Friday, but only for online stores. Those who are looking for jewellery should be delighted to know that it’s the day when the best Swarovski voucher codes are being released. You can save hundreds of pounds compared to a regular day, so it would be wise to go on a shopping spree then. The end of November is also the perfect time to get early Christmas gifts. You will pay less for your order and you will have it delivered way before Christmas, saving you the stress of last-minute gift-shopping.

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