Black Friday 2021
What stores are taking part in Black Friday 2022? As every year, the list will be very extensive. You´ll find the full list of Black Friday offers on, we will publish it just before the event. Visit us on November 27th and take advantage of the biggest Black Friday sales!

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Black Friday 2022 - get exceptional discounts!

Do you enjoy shopping with discounts? We do too! And there is no better time to get started shopping than Black Friday! It is the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving Day in the USA. It is on this day that many shops prepare the largest discounts, allowing their clients to buy items for as cheap as several dozen percent off! And in the modern age, Black Friday is getting increasingly popular: Black Friday coupons and discounts are awaiting not only in brick and mortar stores, but above all, on digital coupon marketplaces on the Internet! Black Friday 2022 will be on November 27th - prepare for this special day today!

Where did the tradition of Black Friday offers come from?

Of course, from the United States of America. Even though the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving Day - one of the most important American holidays - is not a public holiday, thousands of Americans decide to supersize their weekend and go for a shopping spree. The name Black Friday itself comes from the smoke-filled accounting offices of 60's Philadelphia, coming from the term "in the black" - which as we know, means to end the day on a profit. In the United States, the color black doesn't have to mean something sad - quite the opposite! And of course, many American stores do indeed end in the black after Black Friday. Statistics prove that since 2005, if not earlier, Black Friday is the single most profitable day for American retailers, and the number of customers who go shopping on that day, exceeds even a hundred million! What will Black Friday 2022 be like? Let's find out soon!

Black Friday 2022 coupons also on the Internet

Retailers, knowing how much buzz is generated around Black Friday shopping, prepare extra incentive for their customers every year. This incentive is numerous vouchers, which allow for exclusive discounts. Today, Black Friday is an opportunity for outstanding online shopping. It is because the best promo codes and discounts are awaiting for you on the Internet! Interest in Black Friday sales is steadily growing in United Kingdom year after year. In October and November 2013, the number of Black Friday queries in UK Google exceeded 30 000! This is caused by the fact, that online stores prepare special discount codes for Black Friday, which provide deals that are impossible to resist!