Singles' Day 2021
On the 11th of November, so-called Singles’ Day, there is a variety of promo codes, sales, coupons and other discounts available on our website. You can find promotions valid on shops such as Aliexpress, Neiman Marcus, JP Cycles, boohoo.

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What is the Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day originates from China, where it is considered to be a real shopping extravaganza. That day, the biggest Chinese shops like Alibaba or AliExpress cut the prices in order to enable their customers purchasing everything they desire on a budget. This event is also known as Global Shopping Festival. It has become a trend in which more and more shops, not only from Asia, enthusiastically participate. In USA, shops such as Ann Taylor, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus prepare their special offers. It is safe to say that on 11.11 we celebrate the World’s Single Day. But is it only for single people? For sure not! Promo codes, sales and other discounts are meant to be for everyone.

When is the Singles’ Day?

The Singles’ Day is organized every year on 11.11. It is not a mobile holiday, in contrast to Black Friday. This date was well-thought. The four ones represent the singles, who come together to celebrate the advantages of not being in a relationship and cry over the sorrows connected with their current status. The promotions organized on 11.11 are supposed to encourage people to meet up with their friends and spend that unique time on shopping and giving each other small gifts.

Singles’ Day offers

11 November, the Singles’ Day, is the time of the greatest sales. The best discounts can be found mainly in Chinese e-commerce shops like AliExpress, BangGood and Gearbest. If it goes to the USA market, clothing brands like Nordstrom take part in the event. What can you expect? Big discounts, that is for sure. It is a great opportunity to buy new items of all kinds, some of them even with half-priced discount. On the Singles’ Day, except for sales, Aliexpress prepares many competitions with attractive prizes to win. If you are lucky, you can earn a coupon worth $10 or even $20 for your next purchase. The game starts soon, so it is strongly recommended to keep a close eye on promotions as early as November 1st!

The History of Singles’ Day

The idea of the Singles’ Day was born when four Chinese students of Nanjing University got inspired by four “1”s in the date. They reminded them of four lonely people. They thought that it is a great opportunity to celebrate being single together. At the beginning, the custom was known only in students’ community, but it has spread around the whole world very quickly. And although the initial idea was to meet with friends and spend time in a nice atmosphere, the shops quickly picked up on the custom. Initially, small shops tempted with promotions and people were eager to buy small gifts for themselves and for their friends. The situation had changed in 2009, when Alibaba organized the Global Shopping Festival to celebrate this special day. The festival turned out to be a hit! From that time on, it is organized every year with new players joining the game.

Singles' day has beaten Cyber Monday

Although both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are extremely popular and profitable, Singles Day is in the same league. Since 2012, the revenue from that day has been higher than Cyber Monday’s, even several times over! It is enough to mention that on Singles' Day 2019, within 24 hours of the action, the Chinese giant Alibaba alone achieved record sales of 268.4 billion yuan, equalling $38.4 billion. It is more thank Amazon during the whole previous quarter. And that is only one of the players! The potential is limitless since consumers fell in love with Singles' Day promotions that save huge amounts of money on shopping.