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Coupons Decluttr

Type Discount details Expiry date
Promo code Get 10% OFF your order w/ Decluttr discount code Until further notice
Sale Smartphones up to $50 OFF at Decluttr Until further notice

Returns and faulty products in Decluttr

Before 14 days from your shopping are passed and you no longer want the product, you can return it. To do so, you should contact Decluttr customer service team so they would know that your return is on its way. You should include your order number in every correspondence.
If your item is faulty or incorrect, you ought to contact Decluttr customer service team directly by sending an email to their email address. You should know that it is a standard procedure in most of the shops to have the faulty product exchanged for a new and functioning one. Although every store has its own policy, so it’s always better to check on it in advance

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Top items you can buy using Decluttr discount code


Who of us doesn’t know iPhones? It’s difficult to believe that they’ve only been with us for 13 years, as for some people it may seem that life without iPhones couldn’t exist. They changed the phone function forever and these days very few people have a phone that only calls and texts. In Decluttr, you can find every possible model of iPhone, from 5C to 11 Pro. Never had one? Maybe it’s your chance. Get one even cheaper with Decluttr promo code!


On Decluttr you can find a wide range of Samsungs Galaxy. Starting from the S6 model, up to the S11. Some of them even have a 12 months warranty. So if you are a Samsung lover, maybe it’s a chance for you? You can get them now cheaper with the Decluttr coupon code.


For game lovers, there is a wide range of consolas to be purchased via Decluttr. Either Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo can be found there. Every version of each. And be honest with yourself - who does not like to play from time to time? Never did it? It’s never too late to start a thing as they say, so… get the Decluttr coupon and go for it!


Besides mobiles and consoles, there are more cheap electronic stuff that may be worth seeing. Starting with apple series, there are iPods, iPads, MacBooks and Apple TV. There are also tablets from other brands, as well as wearables. These things use to really cost an eye out of a head, so Decluttr seems to be a lovely option for those whose budget is a bit more limited. And our Decluttr coupon code can help them even more.


The name “wereables” came from “wearing a computer”. It basically refers to clothes and accessories containing advanced electronic technologies. Mostly they are watches. They are part of a network of physical objects equipped with electronics, sensors and software, by means of which they are able to communicate with each other, the producer and other users without the need for human intervention. Sounds fancy, right? Decluttr has some in really nice prices… which is even nicer with a Decluttr promo code.


Oh, my love… who of us never listens to music? Either rock one, heavy metal or a smooth, romantic ballade. But CDs are so expensive. Downloading songs from the internet may sound like a solution for some people, but… does it really sound as charming as from the disc? I wouldn’t say so. So, if there is a music star that you always loved but never actually had an opportunity to buy their CD, today is your day! Purchase one of the Decluttr coupons and get one for yourself!


With movies it is like with music - they are always around. Even if you don’t watch them daily, there are some films that your friends always quote. And most of us have our favourite movie as well, but… are you sure you have it handy and can watch it every time you fancy it? Look for good, legal movies with Decluttr code and get it either for you or for somebody special!


iPhone 8 64GB

My son kept asking me to buy him the latest iPhone model for his birthday. I told him it was not possible because it was pretty expensive and we have just renovated the flat so we needed to earn a bit of money. And so I thought before I discovered Declutter! How huge was his surprise when he got an iPhone even before his birthday - on Christmas! It was almost new and not destroyed at all. The smile on his face - unforgettable!


More information about Decluttr

While entering the Declutter website, the user has two main tabs to choose from - sell and shop. Each of them is divided into categories, so it’s easier for the user to find what he is actually looking for.
The sell category is divided into three parts: 1) sell phones and tech, 2) sel CD, DVDs, games and books and 3) sell Lego. The shop section has a search bar which allows one to rapidly type and find what they want.

Decluttr Black Friday

Due to its competitive prices and good offer a lot of people claim to buy or sell something on Decluttr at least once. A lot of them started on… Black friday! Yes, it’s true. It’s a real bargain! Even more with Decluttr promo code!

Cyber Monday in Decluttr

Starting on that day, and ending up on Cyber Monday, the store offers wonderful promotions. So it’s really worth visiting it on these days. And for the rest of the year we also have something for you. Get the Decluttr coupon code and buy it cheap all year around!

Information about Decluttr

Decluttr is an online service that takes used CDs, DVDs, books and technological items and converts them into money. In other words, it is a place designed to give you an easier way to clean up your unwanted media collections and old technology, get rid of them and even gain money for it! Everyone has experienced moving away, growing up or simply getting tired of some stuff. But we tend to keep it home as long as there is enough space for it all. Why waste free space when you can actually make a good use of these things? There are people who may be interested in them. Also, if you don’t have a lot of money for buying yourself new stuff, you can make a search on Decluttr store. Now even easier, you can do it lying in your bed, using the Decluttr app. Maybe there is something waiting to be bought by you?

Decluttr address

4175 Royal Drive, Suite 300
GA 30144 Kennesaw

Contact to Decluttr

hotline: contactus@decluttr.com

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Brand Features

  • Refer a Friend
  • Student Discount

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal

Shipping Options

  • Free Shipping
  • Click & Collect
  • Standard Shipping

Tips and hints Decluttr

Certified Refurbished Tech At Decluttr the quality checks, refurbishment process and testing are impressive. Each device undergoes extensive in-house refurbishment, which provides it with up to 90 checks on an item to ensure the technology the clients are gonna buy is of wonderful quality at an amazingly low price.

Warranty Decluttr offers a 12 month limited warranty which is free of charge. It comes with every single technological item that they sell. As they say, they like their clients to have an extra peace of mind. The warranty covers technical defects of the products and faults caused by improper workmanship or materials.

Free Shipping Service Decluttr offers customers multiple ways to send client’s items to them for free. The Free Shipping Service is available to customers who sell over $5 to a maximum of 500 items per order. It is important though that you only use that service for items that you are selling to Decluttr, not to any other place.

Decluttr App For those who prefer to check things on their mobile phone, there is good news. Decluttr works also through mobile one. You can download it either via Google Play or Apple Store. Decluttr app has everything that a webpage owes, but in a more mobile-user friendly way. Our Decluttr coupon codes work in the app as well!

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