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Coupons Wine.com

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Promo code $20 OFF for new customers with Wine.com promo code Until further notice
Sale Save even 50% with Wine.com discount Until further notice

Wine.com Returns

Customer satisfaction can be measured using many metrics, one of them is the ability to return products in an easy manner and to receive a refund. Customers ordering products on the wine.com website are able to return products within 10 days, starting from the purchase date. The product must be unused and contained in the original packaging. In order to complete your return, contact wine.com customer service to work out the details. Before a refund is issued, your order will be inspected to determine whether the aforementioned conditions were met. You will be notified of the status of your return during every stage of the process. The processing of the refund may take some time, so if you have any questions about the return process, contacting customer service is the best way to answer them.

Wine.com Faulty Product Returns

Wine bottles are quite delicate and require very careful handling during shipping. If your order has been mishandled by the delivery service, it may arrive damaged. If that is indeed the case, wine.com is not going to leave you with a damaged product. You have 3 days from the date of receiving your order to contact customer service via email to inform them of your problem and make appropriate arrangements. You will be asked to provide as many details as possible and to include a picture of the damaged item. Per wine.com returns policy, all damaged items are subject to exchange.

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Here Are Some of the Amazing Products to Redeem Your Wine.com Coupon Code

Sparkling Wine

Dom Perignon with Gift Box 2008

When it comes to sparkling wines, none are as famous and as well critically-acclaimed as Dom Pérignon. The champagne has been first released in 1936 and since then, millions of people have appreciated its warm and fruity character. The 2008 vintage pictured here is full of rich and elegant aromas of apples and yeast. It’s been hailed by the critics as the best edition of Dom Pérignon in recent years. A proper celebration can only be expressed by the most amazing champagne and Dom Pérignon is precisely that. This bottle should only be opened in the case of a life-changing accomplishment. This product contains a gift box which is perfect to celebrate once-in-a-lifetime moments. And with wine.com codes, this bottle of champagne can be a bit more affordable.

Wine.com Gifts

Classic Gourmet Picnic Gift Basket

A lovely idea for a gift for those who enjoy sweets, cookies and nuts. The basket contains products such as toasted crackers, smoked almonds, olives, pistachios, chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa, among other products. A perfect anniversary or birthday gift, especially considering the fact that once all the snacks are eaten, the recipient still has a beautiful woven picnic basket! Two gifts for the prize of one! If you combine this gift basket with a nice bottle of wine, it becomes even more classy of a proposition. The price of this gift basket can be reduced by a third thanks to the wine.com sale.

Wine.com Reviews


Raeburn Chardonnay 2017

I was looking for a bottle of wine to give as a gift to a housewarming party I was going to. I didn’t know the hosts at all since they were my boyfriend’s work friends, so I had no idea what kind of gift they would enjoy. Wine is the type of gift one usually gives in this situation, so I figured I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and started looking online. My friends told me that Chardonnay is a safe choice and when I looked for that type of wine, this one popped up. It’s made in Sonoma County, which is pretty close to where I live, so I felt like getting something local instead of a bottle from France or Italy. The bottle was opened at the party and I think I’ve made an excellent choice. It was very light and you can feel a hint of melon and pears. The hosts also seemed to like it. I didn’t tell them how much it cost because they would probably get offended. I don’t have a lot of money for fancy housewarming gifts so the fact that I could get this bottle cheap was a bit of a life-saver. Especially since no one figured out the price range of this bottle.


Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (1 Liter Bottle) 2017

To me, there is nothing better than being able to sit down and relax with a glass of a good wine and watch some TV after a long day at work. I know most guys would rather drink beer or Scotch, but wine is my personal favorite and apparently it’s quite healthy in small doses. Ever since I went to the first wine tasting with the missus, I fell in love with red wine, Sauvignon in particular. This one is one of my favorites. It’s very smooth and has an oaky flavor. I have bought several bottles from wine.com, but this one is by far the best I’ve ever found there. I didn’t use any codes, but given the price of this one, maybe I should have.


More Information About Wine.com

Company History

The history of wine.com starts in the mid-1990’s in Los Altos, California. That’s where Robert Olson decided to set up a company called Virtual Vineyards. Olson wasn’t alone in this endeavor. He teamed up Peter Granoff who had received a title of Master Sommelier, the most prestigious certificate a sommelier can receive. With the wine expertise side covered, the company had to make its content attractive to potential customers. That’s what Harry Max, the third of the co-founders, was responsible for. Since its first sold bottle in 1995, the company has sold millions of bottles. In the meantime, the company name has changed a few times and companies have merged to combine knowledge and resources. Currently, the company is owned by Baker Capital, a private equity firm from New York City. Between 2009 and 2011, the wine retailer launched multiple apps and mobile sites to make the contents of the online store more accessible to smart phone and tablet users.

Wine.com Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is an opportunity to find great items in crazy prices. While most people decide to camp out in front of stores and wait in lines for hours and hours, there is a better way to do shopping! Online shopping has caught up to the traditional way of making purchases a long time ago. Retailers do everything in their power to get as many customers as possible and one way of doing that is through sales. That’s why Black Friday sales are so tempting. Certain stores release various discount codes to put the cherry on top of the price-slashing extravaganza that is Black Friday. If there are any wine.com coupon codes around Black Friday, you can be sure that they are all going to be here so you won’t need to look for them anywhere else!

Wine.com Cyber Monday

For online retailers, Cyber Monday is even more important than Black Friday. The recently-created extra day of sales is reserved for online stores only. Seeing as wine.com conducts sales exclusively online, Cyber Monday is the day where the gloves are off and the biggest sales are being unleashed. Don’t forget to find all the wine.com discount codes or other wine sales around Cyber Monday. In the meantime, there plenty of other wine.com promo codes and wine vouchers that can save you plenty of cash on your purchases.

Information About Wine.com

Simply put, wine.com is the largest online retailer of wine in the United States. Anyone who likes wine should check out the website and see what have to offer. And there is plenty to choose from. The product range is divided into different categories to make choosing your criteria as easy as possible. You can search by variety, country of origin, rating or price. Customers have the choice of wine from 27 countries. Wine.com has over 17,000 bottles in its assortment, making it the largest in the United States. In fact, the company is still trying to expand its product range and has the option to evaluate and buy wine collections from private owners. Whether it’s a gift or a purchase for special occasion, wine.com is the best place to order wine online, especially if you use one of the wine.com promo codes. You won’t find better wine offers anywhere online. What is it that makes this company better than any other wine retailer? It’s over 20 years of experience in online retail, unmatched catalogue, impeccable attention to detail and a team of experts that knows everything there is to know about wine. That’s why you should check out all the wine sales and wine.com coupons available right here!

Wine.com Address

222 Sutter Street, Suite 450
94108 San Francisco, CA

Contact Wine.com

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Brand Features

  • Loyalty Program
  • Frequent Discounts and Promotions
  • Discount for New Customers
  • Order Tracking
  • Gift Cards

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Gift Card
  • Financing
  • PayPal

Shipping Options

  • Express Shipping
  • Traditional Post
  • Pickup Location

Tips and Hints

1. Wine.com Free Shipping Option You can have your wine delivered for free for 12 months regardless of the amount of your order and frequency of purchases. All you have to do is sign up to wine.com StewardShip. It’s a membership program that gives you free shipping for a whole year! It costs $49 to join but if you are serious about wine and order it often, you can save a lot on delivery costs with this program. This offer refers to standard shipping so if you are interested in expedited shipping, you will need to cover the cost of it.

2. A Gift for Every Occasion - Wine.com Gift Card Birthday or a housewarming party usually mean one thing: gifts. And the best gift for those two occasions is wine. However, no one wants to buy the wrong wine and sometimes we simply don’t know what wine the host or the birthday boy or girl likes. A wine.com gift card gets rid of this problem. You make the gesture and the person receiving it has the choice and freedom to get any wine they want.

3. New Customer Discount Every company wants to grow its customer base and expand its reach. One of the best ways to do that is to offer new customers a discount, which is exactly what wine.com does. If the total of your order is over $150, you can use a wine.com discount code that will reduce the order by quite a bit.

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